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Shipping vessels since 2008, Easy Boat Import in Florida now offers a service to locate and buy your boat. Long time experts in the boat shipping industry, Easy Boat Import is now able to provide you with the best deals to buy your boat through our broker network. Our one on one business relationship and exceptional customer service will exceed your expectations. Whether you plan to purchase an 18ft long boat or a yacht, we can handle the whole process and guarantee to protect your investment.

Learn about our “FLAT PRICE GUARANTEE” fee and terms…

Specifications sheet
Tell us what are you looking for?

Do you plan to purchase a boat in the US from professionals?
Before going any further, please take a minute to tell us your specifications and preferences on the on line form HERE


The service fee of $1000 includes ALL the leg work…

Upon completion of the form and submittal of payment, our experts will begin reviewing your request and researching to find the right boat for you. In 7-10 days, we will have put together a list of vessels that meet the specifications of what you are looking for.

The $1000 flat commission fee, with guaranteed results, can be paid by credit card, wire transfer, or PayPal.
Dealer Network Research & Proposals

We select the best of the best boats available

With rigorous attention to details, each line of your specifications sheet will be met to your full satisfaction and our broker will find for the vessel to meet your needs.

Easy Boat Import guarantees fast results and reliable sources.
Each vessel offered comes from well known sellers/brokers to avoid non visible damages, hidden defects, unsafe vessel and so on...

*The “LOCATE & BUY PACKAGE” includes the secure transaction service.
The safest Logistics for your boat shipping
25 days average “door to door” in container
EASY BOAT IMPORT commitments
The satisfaction of work with Professionals

  • Unlimited vessel offers (We’ll keep looking until we find YOUR boat.)
  • Vessels that will match your Specifications sheet
  • Flat Commission fee
  • Boats at wholesale prices - no middlemen
  • Secure payment to the seller - Wire transfer / company certified check
  • “NO RISK GUARANTEE” – One payment covers the cost of the boat and the shipping
  • Fast shipping

1. Boat Service: engine and body
2. Upgrades: upholstery, electronics, performances parts
3. Spare parts, engine, and more...
4. Shrink wrap, winterization


Contact our banker in the USA
HSBC Bank USA,: Jean Gagne, (parle le francais)
1600 SE 17th St. Causeway Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33316
Office: (001)954-764-6322


Press and magazines speak about us....
- Since 2008 EASY BOAT IMPORT has earned its reputation through hard work and high level of expertise.
Our worldwide clientele will tell you about their experience and satisfaction on blogs, forums, etc... they are individuals, exporters, professionals...
Are you ready to purchase a boat without any intermediaries,
at the right price, with the best conditions ?

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Who we are

EASY BOAT IMPORT is an American Corporation located in Miami, FL and Paris, France - specialized in containerized Boat shipping since 2008

E.B.I handles its operations in house and offers a “door to door” logistics service when exporting a vessel up to 25ft long. From Miami to almost anywhere in the world, we will provide a safe and smooth experience.

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