Terms & Conditions
These terms and conditions of service constitute a legal contract between the following "Company"and "the customer".

By using EASY BOAT IMPORT, you hereby agree to the following terms and conditions:

Article 1 - Purpose

EASY BOAT IMPORT provides boat logistics services to the Customerfrom the United States to the European Union, including shipping and all transactions arising or required before or after the shipping.

EASY BOAT IMPORT is mandated by the Customer for the organization of boat transportation and / or other goods.

Article 2 – Agreement of the contract

The customer accepts the contract or quote with the mention " reading and accepting the terms and conditions of the contract".

This mention has to be signed on the quote or invoice sent by EASY BOAT IMPORT, or by email. The payment of the service by itself is also an acceptance of the contract.

Article 3 – Price and Payment of Benefits

The information and prices listed on EASY BOAT IMPORT’s website are indicatives and might be subject to changes without notice. The estimates are based on the daily stock exchange rates.

Prices are based on the laws, regulations and international conventions. EASY BOAT IMPORT cannot be responsible for laws, regulations and agreements modifications.

The price does not include:

- Customs fees, entrance fees. Those fees have to be paid to the Freight Forwarder directly. EASY BOAT IMPORT is not responsible for any increase in price.
-Demurrages and repositioning cost.

The "LOCATE AND BUY PACKAGE" is NOT REFUNDABLE in case of cancellation or termination of the contract.

Article 4 – Insurance

Unless requested to do so in writing and confirmed to Customer in writing, Company is under no obligation to procure insurance on Customer's behalf.

No insurance is underwritten by EASY BOAT IMPORT, unless written instructions from it. In case of insurance, the customer is deemed EASY BOAT IMPORT as agent for the coverage, with the best benefits, with one or more insurance companies specializing in marine/cargo insurance.

EASY BOAT IMPORT does not assume any obligations for the insurance company on behalf of the customer. In case of dispute or damage, the insured (customer) is the one who will handle the dispute with the insurer.

Article 5 – Obligations

The customer acknowledges having been expressly informed by these terms and conditions of the obligation to provide EASY BOAT IMPORT documents and accurate information as requested.

The customer is also responsible for all the consequences of a breach of information and reporting on the highly accurate even on value, as well as the characteristics of the goods delivered. The client supports only the consequences whatsoever resulting from erroneous statements or documents, incomplete, inapplicable or late delay.

Article 6 - Inspection Consent

EASY BOAT IMPORT may, but shall not be obligated to, inspect any shipment. Cargo items tendered for transportation may be subject to security controls by carriers and to other government regulations. The customer expressly agrees and consents to searches / inspections / screenings of all cargo in accordance with applicable security controls, initiatives and regulations, including, but not limited to, the regulations of the U.S. Transportation and Security Administration.

Article 7 – Transit time

EASY BOAT IMPORT has no obligation regarding delivery times.

EASY BOAT IMPORT provided an ETA ("Estimated Arrival Time" or estimated date of arrival) to the customer, for information.

EASY BOAT IMPORT cannot be held responsible for delays relating to container loading, or unexpected inspection by U.S. Customs, or the delivery time.

Article 8 - Liability

IfEASY BOAT IMPORT performs a specific service, such as finding insurance coverage or any other benefit defined by the customer, EASY BOAT IMPORT’s obligation remains an obligation of means.

Article 9 - Payment Terms

All invoices are payable to receipt of the invoice, without discount, in U.S. DOLLARS. (USD)
  • Boats on trailer
    $ 4,195
    Jetski on trailer
    $ 1,250
    Boat parts from
    $ 500

    $ 1,000


  • Thanks for the service, great communication and problem solvers! Jimmy (Sidney - AUS)
    Thanks to you our customer overseas feel a lot more confident. Happy to be partners… Shane (NY - USA)
  • I import boats from us and it was my smoothest transaction so far. I am happy Julio (Barcelona - SPAIN)
    J’ai achete 5 seadoo avec Easy Boat import, arrives rapidement et en parfait etat. Merci de votre aide, au plaisir de retravailler ensemble Philippe (Bordeaux - FR)
  • Gracias para toda – el bote es perfecto! Enrique (Panama)
    We started with one jet ski a few years ago. We now import SeaRay’s up to 24 feet inside a container. Smooth and flawless, thanks Amir (Ashdod – IS)
  • One thing I appreciate is the availability of the staff. Always here when we have questions Claude (Paris - FR)
    Importing a boat isn’t something we do everyday, I’m an individual but everything went ok and the boat arrived fast, payment was a one time thing. Easy for us even from Belgium… Pierre et Corinne (Brussels – BELGIUM)
  • We received our MONTEREY safe and in one piece. Exactly what we ordered, price was good. Will work with EBI again…. Jason (South Hamptons – GB)
    Mon epoux et moi avons confies la recherche du bateau a Easy Boat import. Ce fut une decision difficile a prendre mais ils ont finalement trouve le bateau parfait a bas prix. Tres content de notre choix. Martine et Jean-luc (Bretagne – FR)
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Who we are

EASY BOAT IMPORT is an American Corporation located in Miami, FL and Paris, France - specialized in containerized Boat shipping since 2008

E.B.I handles its operations in house and offers a “door to door” logistics service when exporting a vessel up to 25ft long. From Miami to almost anywhere in the world, we will provide a safe and smooth experience.

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